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Fresh Salad


Explore and enjoy authentic meals from around the world - a culinary adventure you can embark on from the comfort of your home with our meal planning service.

Join us on this delicious journey towards a happier, healthier you!

Our Services



Private Clients

Embark on a culinary adventure with our personalised approach, featuring one-to-one Zoom sessions with our experts,

a collection of delectable world recipes in a digital e-book format, and custom meal plans catered to your tastes, saving you time while savoring delightful global flavours.


Nutritionists & Therapists

Empower your nutritionist and therapist services with our diverse and personalised recipe packages, delivering wholesome and delicious meals tailored to your clients' unique dietary needs and health objectives, all with the convenience of detailed cooking instructions and nutritional information.


Corporate Clients

Elevate your employees' health and teamwork with our

all-inclusive wellness program, featuring personalised diet plans, practical meal planning, enriching workshops, and interactive cooking classes,

fostering a culture of

well-being and thriving within your organisation.


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